We want to become a bridge between Japan and  Bangladesh.

The current situation of both countries

Government plans for foreigners ̶ opened opportunities of the unskilled labors

(Retrieved from The Nikkei Newspaper, 29 May 2018)

CastleOn 29th, it was revealed that the new draft for acceptance of foreign workers is being considered in the government. The characteristics of the draft include acceptance wide range of workers; even those who are not fluent in Japanese. By 2025, it is planned that over 500 thousand people will be hired in 5 different fields which are facing serious lack of workforce including construction and agriculture. Considering the serious lack of workforce faced by the Japanese economy, this would be a bold start of opening up the gate for foreigners in the field of unskilled labor. In April of 2019, they will set up the “Specific Skill Evaluation Test” (tentative name), and upon passing the test, you can be authorized to work. In each field of work, business organizations will create and implement the test according to the standards required by the government. For the standard of Japanese language skills, the level will be that of “N4” of Japanese Language Proficiency from “N1” to “N5”, it is 4th from top, and a standard being “Able to mostly understand a moderately slow conversation.”

“SDGs”towards achieving the global goal.

“Sustainable development” (which was unanimously adopted by the UN).

( “Sustainable Development Goals” which was unanimously adopted by the UN )

GOAL   1Eliminate the poverty.
SolutionIncreased remittance to Bangladesh
GOAL 10“Eliminate inequality between people and country”
SolutionBringing Japanese technology and experience into Bangladesh, and startup or be employed there to make the country wealthy.

Supporting Bangladeshi people's working in Japan

Eliminating the agents who obstruct the goal for monetary purpose !

(Both the Japanese agents and the agents there.)



    Regular employees

    Placement at JACOS
    Japan headquarter

    Dispatching to
    the partnered firms

    ★Support to become
    independent after
    returning back to
    their country
Hiring them as regular employees at local corporationDHAKA JACOS ! We will be responsible until return to their country, and after their return, we will back them up to be employed in an elite firm.

We want to become a bridge between Japan and  Bangladesh.

Our policy and role


We will not treat humans as items for sale.

We will not do an employment placement business.

At our company, we will not do an employment placement business. An employment placement business providers do not hold any responsibility after the employment is confirmed. They just mediate many people and get their reward from that. *As a system of employment placement business, they receive a temporary amount of 30 to 50% of a year’s salary. Also, there will be no freedom of work choice for the workers. Transfer of job will also be difficult with a good deal. Without responsibilities and risks, employment placement businesses might be efficient and profitable. However, in our company, we will not treat humans as items for sale like the employment placement business. The reason is that we will not be able to become the“true connecting bridge”.

After expanding to Bangladesh in 2016, the local corporation DHAKA JACOS was set up the next year. Our company is an information communication firm which is half a century old.


  • 1.Provision of jobs and projects which is profitable for the business, with freedom of choice.
  • 2.Provision of safety and security while living in Japan.
  • 3.Increasing of remittance to Bangladesh and supporting living with low cost.
  • 4.Supporting independence, by helping them set up a company or get employed as an elite, after return to the country.

Unique feature: Original Japanese language education

We put into practice an education that anyone can naturally learn Japanese, no matter where they are.

Focus on hearing

Babies around the world learn the mother tongue by hearing in daily life. For example, mother asks “What is this?” and the baby answers “Banana”. A single noun can communicate the meaning. From our experience, we know that hearing is very difficult. But if we can hear them, answering is easy. We will provide video materials such as Doraemon, which naturally interests them when learning.

Teacher is a Bangladeshi living in Japan

It is a practical Japanese education considering the unfamiliar living in Japan. They will be able to learn from traveling, living cost, and actual experience of living in Japan. Other examples include a part-time job in Japan, earning a salary, paying house rent and food expenses.

All the educational materials will be in Bengali

Learning with a mother tongue will further boost their understanding. We will only use Bengali and Japanese. *English will not be used at all.

Real communication with Japanese people

There will be a chance to speak with our Japanese staff using the Japanese they learned regularly.

Education via Skype

They can receive education anywhere in Bangladesh if they have a smartphone and an internet connection.

classroom img

Why must it be dispatch system?

The dispatch system will protect the profits of both parties; Japanese firm as well as Bangladeshi workers. That is why our company can take the responsibility. We are different from the agents who only introduce and get commission.

Grameen-style travel system

With the joint responsibility of a team of 5; with the achievement of first two who travelled if they worked sincerely, the rest will also be able to travel. Thus, it is promised that they will work sincerely. *It is based on the idea of “Mr.Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank”, who was awarded the nobel prize for peace

“Permanent employment” and “well-paid salary”

We will create a system where by working as a permanent employee in a company, they will build the experience and learn the techniques, which they can use after going back to their country. Salary will be almost on the same standard as Japanese regular workers, and there won’t be increased cost even as a dispatched employee.

Bangladeshi town of Japan

By providing support for Bangladeshi people, who have a different lifestyle from Japanese in terms of the accommodation, halal food, prayers for Muslims, we make sure to create an environment where they can safely work. We will create a “Bangladeshi town or a community” in Japan

“Sending funds to the country” and “eliminating the mediators and agents”

By providing support for Bangladeshi people, who have a different lifestyle from Japanese in terms of the accommodation, halal food, prayers for Muslims, we make sure to create an environment where they can safely work. We will create a “Bangladeshi town or a community” in Japan

“Business manners and original Japanese education”

We will teach them the business manners necessary when working in Japan. Also, we put into practice the Japanese language education which focuses on communication. It is an online system where they can learn Japanese anywhere from Bangladesh if they have a smartphone.

A regular employee of DHAKA JACOS

We will employ them at the local corporation DHAKA JACOS. We take the responsibility until they finish working in Japan and go back to their country.

Supporting their independence in their country

We will support them become independent, or get employment after they go back to their country. They will be set up their business or transfer as elites who will utilize the experience in Japan.

We want to become a bridge between Japan and  Bangladesh.

Even if small, a true connecting bridge

We visited Dhaka in November of 2016 for the first time. I still cannot forget the overwhelming “vitality and energy of the people” I felt, which is lost in Japan. At the same time, I saw many things which could be improved; heavy traffic, unstable telephone, and network infrastructure etc., which is unimaginable in Japan. Just after a month, with the help of local businesses, I started an office in Dhaka and worked there. As time passed, I was not only interested in my main work in the field of IT, but I felt I wanted to take the challenge to benefit this country. Bangladeshi people are friendly by nature, and sincere just like the Japanese. They also have dedication, which is fading from Japanese people.
If I could build a true connecting bridge for both countries, I thought I will be able to affect and grow the Japanese economy, which has been idle since the past 30 years, and help to eliminate the poverty in Bangladesh.